DEI Vision Statement

The stated mission of Groton Hill Music Center is to share the transformative power of music through teaching and performing, and giving music generously when there is need. We embrace music’s unique capacity to bring diverse communities together and to build bridges of understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of all people.

To these central tenets, we add our commitment to ensuring that programs and policies will be intentionally inclusive and equitable for all faculty, staff, board members, students, performers, and visitors. We further commit to acknowledging and dismantling any inequities within our current programs, policies, systems and services, with the goal of building a Board, staff, faculty, students, performers and audiences that reflect the diversity in the communities we serve.

We believe that together these commitments will support the overarching goal of making Groton Hill Music the exemplary leader in diversity and inclusion for music education and performance in our region.

To that end, we will:

  • Lead by example, with respect, tolerance, and an overt willingness to thoughtfully listen and carefully consider diverse perspectives.
  • Explore, at all levels of the organization, potential underlying, unquestioned assumptions that interfere with inclusiveness. Further, we will challenge systems and policies that create or perpetuate inequity, oppression, and disparity.
  • Support and encourage Groton Hill Music’s continuing mission to broaden the spectrum of music education, programming, and community engagement to reflect the diverse range of cultures in the global music community.
  • Advocate for and support our thinking about how systemic inequities impact our work, and how best to address those quickly, effectively, and with transparency.
  • Commit time and resources to expand diversity within our Board, faculty, staff, performances, and advisory bodies.
  • Practice and encourage transparent, inclusive communication and language in all interactions.
  • Generate and aggregate quantitative and qualitative research related to equity to make incremental, measurable progress toward the visibility of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Share our efforts, successes, and challenges around diversity, equity, and inclusion within and outside Groton Hill Music Center.