Our Home

The Groton Hill Music Center is a 126,000 square foot music education and performance destination rooted in the agricultural communities of North Central Massachusetts. Our home features 2 world-class performance spaces, 35 classrooms, 1 dining room, 1 café, and accommodations for up to 2,000 guests.

Meadow Hall

300 seats, opening 10/2022

Our glass-walled stage is washed in natural light, giving the audience an intimate view of the hills outside and the changing seasons. The architecture of this hall celebrates the intimate connection between music and nature, between audience and performer. Meadow Hall was built to bring concert-goers together and leave them feeling alive with the magic of sound. 

The Concert Hall

1,000 seats, opening 1/2023

The geometry and material used to build this astounding space have been tested and optimized to create exceptional intimacy. During the day, the hall is imbued with natural light and offers views of the surrounding landscape. At night, it is transformed into a dynamic canvas of theatrical lighting with state-of-the-art video capabilities. Adjustable acoustics and a flexible stage compliment the sliding back wall, which opens to lawn seating for an additional 1,000 audience members.

Studio Classrooms

Students will find comfort and camaraderie in one of our 35 studio classrooms. Careful acoustic tailoring and views of the surrounding landscape provide a creative environment for practice sessions, private lessons, and ensemble rehearsals. 

Central Allée

School and concert functions intertwine in our light-filled central allée. Students, patrons, and professionals rub shoulders, drawing inspiration from one another. Complementary high-speed wifi and ample seating create an inviting atmosphere where students and their families can relax, chat, and work. 

Designed by Epstein Joslin Architects and tuned by Threshold Acoustics, our center was inspired by the community we call home. Its farmhouse styling and organic curves help the building melt into the surrounding landscape. Southern yellow pine framing and fieldstone accents support red, white, and cream walls to create a space that is inviting, dramatic, and pure. Stainless steel cladding evokes the silos that dot our region. Elements of wood reach up, recalling Groton’s famous apple orchards, and further encouraging students and visitors to commune with nature on their musical journey.