Groton Hill in the News

FEBRUARY 16, 2023: CEO Lisa Fiorentino: Groton Hill Music Feels Like A 38-Year-Old Startup

Little could Lisa Fiorentino have known almost 15 years ago, when she was Director of Finance at what was then known as Indian Hill Music in Littleton, how fortuitous that decision would be. Now as CEO of Groton Hill Music Center, she has overseen the organization’s move to its new home in Groton and is the first to point out that this tremendous accomplishment was made possible by the efforts of so many others… Read full story 

FEBRUARY 9, 2023: In Groton, the hills have never been more alive with the sound of music

Pristine sound engulfed the vast new concert hall at Groton Hill Music Center when the venue hosted its first audience in late January. Featuring evocative pieces by Strauss, Mozart, Tan Dun, and Respighi, the Vista Philharmonic Orchestra filled the hall with birdsong, ethereal strings and horns, and symphonic majesty. The performance also filled the hall with tears of joy… Read full story (Boston Globe subscribers)  PDF version

JANUARY 22, 2023: It’s Opening Night — Groton Hill’s 1000-seat Concert Hall

By the time maestro Bruce Hangen and the Vista Philharmonic Orchestra reached Respighi’s Pines of Rome, with its rousing four continuous movements, the sold-out crowd inside Groton Hill Music’s magnificent new 1000-seat concert hall, was ready to stand and cheer… Read full story 

JANUARY 23, 2023: Music Center in a Field Reveals Many Splendors

Groton Hill Music Center’s 1,000-seat concert hall embraced its Saturday-opening-night audience in lofty, warm curvaceous wood. Possessing a large volume for its capacity, the eloquently detailed hall nevertheless felt intimate; it projected clear but enveloping sound and provided excellent sightlines… Read full story 

OCTOBER 23, 2022: Opening Night for Groton Hill’s Meadow Hall

More than eight years after receiving a mammoth anonymous gift and five years after breaking ground, the magnificent Groton Hill Music Center, on Friday night, opened its doors and filled its 300-seat Meadow Hall with music for the first time… Read full story 

OCTOBER 9, 2022: Groton Hill Music Center ready to impart the gift of music

As smiling faces beamed around the new Groton Hill Music Center on Old Ayer Road, music rang throughout the building. While the facility has been open for private instruction since mid-September, the public at large got their first glimpse of the new center on Oct. 1-2 as part of Free Class Day… Read full story (Lowell Sun subscribers)

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022: All-new Groton Hill Music Center offers community, education, and performance

Turning in at 122 Old Ayer Road in Groton, one catches only a glimpse of the building on top of the hill. The long tarred driveway curves up and around and then opens into an expansive parking area. But one’s eye is immediately drawn to the impressive building that is Groton Hill Music Center, new home of Indian Hill Music, which opened to the region on Sept. 6… Read full story (HP subscribers)

SEP-OCT 2022: A new regional music center opens in Groton, Massachusetts

Groton Hill Music Center, about eight years in the making, is the new incarnation of Indian Hill Music (founded in 1985 in nearby Littleton). The nonprofit organization is a professional performance venue and hub of community events and partnerships, as well as a regional music school that serves about 1,200 students of all ages. But Groton Hill also promises to be even more than that, through an expanding public mission. A robust year-round line-up of concerts across all music genres, in both Meadow Hall and in a second majestic hall that seats 1,000. Other events—lectures, seminars, and even future residential workshops—are being planned… Read full story

JUNE 10, 2022: Groton Hill Music Center gets ready to open its doors

Once they experience the ambiance and the remarkable acoustics, Groton Hill Music Center will likely emerge as a regular tour stop for New England bound performers. Out among the farms and apple orchards of Groton, a bucolic upscale community situated 35 miles northwest of Boston, a musical dream is becoming a reality. Rising like the Land of Oz out of the surrounding woods and meadows is the brand-new Groton Hill Music Center, a stunning, world-class performance and educational facility that will undoubtedly change the musical landscape of the region… Read full story

OCT. 22, 2021: With a new building and name, Indian Hill creates ‘a gathering space centered around music’

When Rockport’s Shalin Liu Performance Center opened in 2010, it was lavished with honors for its innovative integration of the grand ocean backdrop. Now the principal architects behind that destination, Alan Joslin and Deborah Epstein, have envisioned another dramatic music venue on a former apple orchard here in Groton. Set to open in fall 2022, Groton Hill Music Center will be the new home of Indian Hill Music, a leading community music school founded 36 years ago as an offshoot of the Groton Center for the Arts… Read full story

OCT. 21, 2021: See the massive new music venue rising less than an hour from Boston

Indian Hill Music, a music school and performance organization in Littleton, knew for years it could benefit from a larger space of its own. It took a generous donation from an anonymous donor to make it happen. Indian Hill — now renamed Groton Hill Music Center — is embarking on a construction project that will add a new destination music venue to the Massachusetts music scene, including a performance space with capacity for 1,000 people… Read full story

OCT. 20, 2021: Indian Hill Music to open new 1,000-seat Groton HQ and change name

Indian Hill Music, a regional nonprofit center for music education and performance,
announced it will move its headquarters from Littleton to a brand new facility in Groton,
and will change its name to Groton Hill Music Center. The new facility will open in fall 2022, per the announcement dated on Sept. 24, and will include a 126,000-square-foot music venue with a 1,000-seat concert hall, a 300-seat
performance hall, and multi-scaled rehearsal and teaching spaces…. Read full story

OCT. 10, 2021: A place for music – Groton Hill Music Center promises immersive experience

Nestled away on the site of a former apple orchard on Old Ayer Road, Groton Hill Music Center is projected to open in fall 2022. When it opens, it will be far from the standard music venue. It will be a place to learn, engage, and make a deeper connection. “Our goal across the board is high quality music and wanting to have artists who can engage with our community,” CEO Lisa Fiorentino said during a tour of the stunning project… Read full story

OCT. 4, 2021: Indian Hill Music transitions in style

Indian Hill Music, the Nashoba Valley region’s premier nonprofit center for music education and performance, will take the name Groton Hill Music Center with the fall 2022 opening of its stunning new home for music, currently under construction. Indian Hill Music has boldly undertaken one of the most ambitious cultural projects in New England, departing from Littleton to the North Central Massachusetts town where, in 1985, a handful of local musicians and music enthusiasts incorporated… Read full story