Spotlight: Groton Hill’s April Sponsor

A new supporter of Groton Hill Music Center, FirstCall Residential is our organizational sponsor for the month of April. The company gives their clients peace of mind by taking all concerns around home maintenance and repair off their plate, so all they have to do is live there. FirstCall Residential creates and executes a customized annual maintenance plan and becomes the one-stop provider for any-and-all home repair and improvement needs…24/7.

“We become stewards of their home,” says owner Greg Antonioli, “giving them a care-free, condo-living experience in the single-family home they love.” The company serves clients in Boston, Cambridge, and the MetroWest suburbs.

“Supporting Groton Hill as a corporate sponsor just makes sense,” says Greg. “A large percentage of Groton Hill patrons are the kind of folks that FirstCall Residential loves to work with.” He explains that he and his wife had been watching the Groton Hill dream come to fruition through their dear friend Miriam Smith, a Groton Hill supporter, student, and board member. “I was ripe-for-the-picking to become a sponsor when I was approached by Groton Hill’s Director of Development, Catherine Coleman, right after learning that my favorite band, Snarky Puppy, had been booked!” Coleman notes that Greg is a great example of a local independent business owner recognizing value on numerous levels by partnering with Groton Hill Music Center.

A lifelong music lover, Greg states: “Live music raises my overall life score! My parents showed me at an early age that music was something that brought them joy and was part of their identity. They were both big jazz fans. We would joke about how my dad would cut you off, mid-sentence, close his eyes and say, ‘Listen to the bass…listen to the bass.’ You’d think he was listening to you, but he was focused on the music that was playing! In college, I’d follow the Grateful Dead around, but listen to Fats Waller and Oscar Peterson while I studied.”

A lifelong music lover who has attended many Groton Hill performances, Greg states that: “Live music raises my overall life score!”

With a world-class concert venue just 20 minutes from his house, Greg has enjoyed many Groton Hill concerts showcasing a variety of genres. “My first concert at Groton Hill was Watkins Family Hour,” an Americana band that performed in Meadow Hall in October 2022 shortly after Groton Hill’s opening. “I remember getting choked-up at the beauty of the hall and being floored by the acoustics,” says Greg. “Since then, I’ve seen Danilo Perez, Julian Lage, Shawn Colvin, and Nickel Creek.” He also has tickets for current concerts by Snarky Puppy, Suzanne Vega, Rosanne Cash, and Danilo Perez’s ‘Legacy of Wayne Shorter’!” Greg even attended last year’s lecture in the Concert Hall with the acousticians, “to learn about everything that went into building the hall with consideration for the acoustics.”

FirstCall champions a connection to its community, and Greg sees live music as an essential component to that feeling: “If life is nothing more than a series of moments—and if those moments can be ranked 1-10—live music has given me more 10’s than just about anything else.”

PHOTO: Greg, his wife Jill, and daughters are all smiles after the Snarky Puppy show in the Concert Hall on April 13.


Learn how your business can partner with Groton Hill! Contact Catherine Coleman at (978) 486-9524 x201 or ccoleman@grotonhill.org.