Threshold Singers at Groton Hill

Bedside singing for healing and life’s transitions

Our bedside choir, the Threshold Singers at Groton Hill, provides comfort through song for the very ill and their families. Our repertoire of non-denominational songs is a source of inspiration and renewal for singers as well as a comfort to those we sing for. New singers are always welcome!

What do Threshold Singers do?

When invited by a family or caregiver, two or three singers visit those who are ill or in hospice care to provide songs of comfort, healing, and transition. Our songs are non-denominational, but we can include a few hymns for those with a faith preference. This service is provided free of charge.
Please contact Threshold Singers Administrative Coordinator Suzanne Buell at (831) 206-4260 to arrange a bedside visit for a family member, friend, or client.

“It was an amazing experience… Their voices were lovely and songs perfectly chosen. But it was the atmosphere that was most remarkable.”—Rosemary Noon, family member

What is a Threshold Choir?

Threshold Choirs honor the ancient tradition of singing at the bedsides of people who are struggling: some with living, some with dying. The voice, as the original human instrument, is a true and gracious vehicle for compassion and comfort. In 2000, Kate Munger of Inverness, California, founded the first of what she thought would be primarily local Bay Area Threshold Choirs for women who are called to sing at the bedsides of people in need. Today there are over 100 Threshold Choir chapters across the U.S. and beyond, including co-ed and male choirs.

About Our Threshold Singers

The Threshold Singers at Groton Hill started in the fall of 2007 after two staff members read an article about Kate Munger in Real Simple magazine and were inspired to bring such a group to the East Coast. The choir is a way for singers to express gratitude for the rich gift of singing in their lives, offer their voices in unique and rewarding service, and bring together a community that knows that true service heals everyone.
New Threshold Singers members are always welcome, and hospice experience is not required. Our group of singers, both amateur and professional, meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

Call (831) 206-4260 for more information.