Director’s Insight:
Kathy McMinn on Youth Chorus

“They’re coming away with more than just a song.”

Sitting in the Concert Hall, home to both sold-out shows every month and the chorus kids’ weekly rehearsal space, Director Kathy McMinn shares her inside perspective.

Her approach to teaching young learners is multi-faceted. McMinn notes that the social skills that students pick up on are just as vital as the vocal and musical ones. 

“So many kids need a stress relief or some kind of way to get out their energy,” says McMinn. 

Each rehearsal incorporates a lot of movement through fun games and singing exercises. “They love that, and they get really silly,” says McMinn. “But I also find that it helps them bond.” Young singers get the opportunity to build new friendships, become more confident in their skin, and, in turn, make real progress.

When they stand in this magnificent 1,000-seat hall, cast under cool hues of light, and hear their voices echo with startling clarity together, it is difficult not to feel that a memorable experience has been shared.

“Once they gel like that, and they trust me, they sound better.”