Meet Our Faculty

Dave Curry

Drum Circle Class

Teaching Philosophy

It is the nature of a drum circle facilitator to find ways of ensuring that groups of people who may not have much musical training are able to play together in a way that is as satisfying to all as possible. For this reason, I always aim to discover and encourage each individual's strengths. I am conscious of how each person has their particular mode of learning, so I adjust accordingly to make the learning process more effective and enjoyable. I stay attentive to group dynamics, seeking the best ways that people can work together through careful listening, firm but supportive guidance, and a blend of humor and humility. I try never to lose my "beginner's mind" so that I can relate to the challenges that learners face when taking on new material or techniques. In the end, I believe that learning should be both engaging and fun, regardless of where students are in the learning process.


Studied at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Dave has spent the past two decades leading drum circles across Eastern and Central Massachusetts, introducing people from all backgrounds to a musical practice that comes from seemingly every culture. He has led 1000+ drumming events at schools, churches, colleges, retreat centers, and other institutions across New England. Dave is the creator of Drums For One & All, co-creator/organizer for the Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival (which is entering its 20th season), and he serves as the artistic director of the Drum Nomads performance ensemble, which specializes in live performances of hand drumming and percussion from around the world. He is also the author of two books on hand drumming. Dave’s skills include West African drumming, Middle Eastern doumbek and frame drumming, as well as Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and other ethnic traditions. He has learned from many well-known drummers, including Arthur Hull, Issa Coulibaly, Sayon Camara, Glen Velez, Shane Shanahan, and Carmine Guida.