Meet Our Faculty

Dennison Blackett


Teaching Philosophy

As a musician, I have dedicated much time learning to communicate ideas freely through practice and improvisation. This brought on a great epiphany that music is a language and a way to communicate significant concepts and complex lessons of life and have tough conversations. It’s a way to express euphoria, love, anger, compassion, or despair using sound as a medium. As an educator, I teach the next generation how to communicate their ideas and navigate human emotions. Music is the best way I know to teach young people about life. Students must be prepared to express themselves using the techniques necessary to learn the language and the connection to their mind and heart to communicate genuinely in the moment through music.


Bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music, with specializations in Contemporary Writing and Production, and a jazz composition, electronic production and design focus.


Saxophonist Dennison Blackett has a background that includes extensive teaching experience at Boston Latin School and Gifft Hill School (St. John, USVI), where he developed and led music programs emphasizing technical proficiency, musicality, and the joy of musical exploration and creativity. Dennison’s approach to teaching is centered on inspiring students, setting high standards for technical skill and expression, and fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment.