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Kevin Fortunato

Drums, Percussion
Community Engagement Faculty: Bucket Drumming at Guilmette Middle School in Lawrence
Kevin Fortunato

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple and works for every age, gender, and musical interest. First, maintain the student’s interest in drumming, music, and growth. This can be achieved by having great listening skills. A great teacher always hears his or her students; whether they want to learn the greatest techniques and coordination skills, or if they just want to learn the songs they’re inspired by. Second, students have to learn technique, reading, and coordination. Some students can jump into all of this right away, and others need to grow into it gradually. Third, always make lessons fun, yet challenging. Students want to enjoy what they’re doing, but will lose interest if they’re not simultaneously having fun and being challenged — finding a balance is very important and is highly individual based on each student.


Berklee College of Music


Kevin Fortunato is a master drum teacher, performer, and author. He has been teaching and performing throughout the greater Boston and Metro-West area since 1993. Kevin is a Berklee Graduate with a degree in performance. He is author of The Big Little Drum Book: Contemporary Concepts for The Modern Drummer. In addition, he’s studied privately with the finest teachers in Boston for many years — including Bob Gullotti, Gary Chaffee, and Jon Hazilla, to name a few. Kevin has played on recordings with notable musicians such as John Lockwood, Ken Cervenka, Jeff Galindo, Doug Yates, and Scott Aruda. He is a columnist for Drumhead Magazine and an endorser for Vic Firth Company drum products.