Our Virtual Pipe Organ

Powerfully Flexible Technology

Organ music has a new home on our world-class Concert Hall stage! A custom-built console, state-of-the-art software, and dedicated speakers combine to give performers access to 15 different organs from some of the tradition’s most storied halls.

The Meta Organworks Hauptwerk Organ was custom built for Groton Hill, and represents the cutting-edge in creative digital instrumentation, streaming recorded samples of an actual pipe organ in real time as it’s being played. Whether it’s blending seamlessly into an orchestral suite or standing proud as a solo instrument, our organ console was designed to give modern performers access to organ sounds from great halls around the world without compromising on comfort and ease of use.

Thanks to this incredible platform, Groton Hill is strengthening the pipe organ tradition by exposing audiences to different styles of music using the instruments they were written for. Baroque compositions, such as the works of Bach and Buxtehude, can be played on Baroque instruments, while French compositions, like Franck and Messiaen, can be experienced on French Romantic organs.

The organ is built around a PC with 2 Touchscreens for virtual stop jambs, an Intel 8 Core i7 Processor, 128 GB of RAM, and 4 TB of solid state disk space.

Hauptwerk™ Virtual Pipe Organ Software is set up with 15 different instruments from around the world, each sampled in 24 bit/96kHz.

32 dedicated organ speakers pump 49,600 watts of power, creating a rich sonic experience for both the audience and the performer.

  • 4 – 18” Subwoofers for 32’ Flues 
  • 4 – 18” Subwoofers for 32’ Reeds 
  • 8 – 15” Subwoofers for 16’ Stops

Curious about organ lessons?

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