Throughout the pandemic, our Music School students demonstrated outstanding resilience, taking lessons and performing in recitals online.  A piano student of Jean Meltaus, Cora Arsenault is also a young poet. In a poem she wrote during the pandemic at age 12, she evokes a rich and poignant memory of performing on stage in our hall. We are thankful that this year, our students will experience the unique and powerful feeling of performing on stage that Cora so vividly captured below. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of writing with us, Cora!

A concert of my own

In the house of the murals and gravity defying art
I feel welcome
I am pressured to stay
But still, posture and stature waver as the stage erupts in sound
Crimson plush seats under me
And music and fire in the air
Warm empathy swells in the theater of dreams
Harmonies weaving, changing in tune
Simple and complex
Harsh and sweet
A song for the ages
Ah, a day to remember in fondness.
But I digress.
It is time for the solo.
Listen and hear passion,
Floating around and filling heads with earthen melodies.
Can memory capture this moment
and review it in justice?
No, I think not.
Bask in the floating noise.
Savor it.
Let it age and soften you.
And once it is done,
let silence heal you.
– Cora Arsenault, Age 12
Thank you to Main Street Bank for its steadfast support of our student programs and recitals — on stage, and online!

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