Adult Lessons & Classes

Bring the joy of music into your life with private lessons and relaxed group classes on the instrument you’ve always dreamed of mastering.

Private Lessons

Join us to study over 35 instruments in a range of styles from giving teachers who are here to help you discover the joy of music.

You’ll enjoy all the benefits of learning in a world-class facility, with acoustically tuned recital halls, lavish teaching studio spaces, and a coffee bar in the 2-story foyer.

Beginner Piano

Have you always wanted to play the piano? Join a like-minded group of adults in this casual weekly class. You’ll learn the basics of keyboard technique and music reading, and learn to play easy songs in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Beginner Recorder

Begin to play recorder while learning to read music in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. No previous musical experience required or expected. Recorder is ideal for first time musicians as technique is simple and it is easy to produce a good sound.

Beginner Ukulele

If you’re just starting out or have only had a little experience with the ukulele, our beginner class will give you a strong foundation in the basics – note-reading, chords, strumming patterns, and more.

If you’ve got the basics down, but want to continue working on your ukulele skills, the advanced beginner class offers a more advanced option for adult players. Sessions will be tailored to student needs. Learn new meters, strumming patterns, chords, and chord progressions.

Family Recorder

Learn how to play a simple and fun instrument and to read music in the comfort of your own home! This is a wonderful family activity that all ages can enjoy together! No previous musical experience required or expected. Recorder is ideal for first time musicians as technique is simple and it is easy to produce a good sound right from the start. It is also the perfect first instrument to prepare you to tackle more challenging instruments.

Our advanced beginner class is for families who have taken the first level class or have basic playing skills.

Tuition amount is for 1 adult and 1 child. Additional family members may join for half price.

Intro to Jazz Theory

Learning jazz style can seem an intimidating thing, but once you understand the basics you’ll open up a whole new world of expression and enjoyment! Building on the basics of music theory we’ll explore jazz chord structure, voicing, and progressions, plus jazz scales, and scale-chord relationships. Using actual jazz charts you’ll see typical harmonizations with chords, and can begin to apply them to your own instrument, and explore the fascinating practice of improvisation.

Jazz Hang: Listening & Analysis

Join our Jazz and Percussion Department Chair and professional drummer Dave Fox for relaxed discussion and analysis of some of the most consequential and enjoyable recordings in the history of jazz. Open to music lovers of all experience levels!

Music Theory

Have you always wanted to learn to read music? Do you wish you understood the basic building blocks of music? Do you want to increase your playing ability and the ease in which you learn and perform music? Our introductory Music Theory course will guide you through all the basic elements – notes, pitches, intervals, scales, rhythm, melody, harmony, chords, and more. In-class exercises and at-home assignments will reinforce the lessons learned each week.