Groton Hill Classes

Learn something new. Make lifelong friends. Build strong foundations.

Classes are a fun, affordable way to make music a deeper part of who you are. Our classes generally meet for one hour every week for six to ten weeks, giving you time to get to know our faculty and your fellow students, and to feel comfortable asking questions.

Early Childhood

Young Beginners



Private Lessons

Learn 35+ instruments from 80+ faculty at your pace, working toward your goals. Our registrars will work with you to find the perfect teacher and help you on your journey.


Whether you’re looking for large groups or small, Groton Hill has ensemble programs for all kinds of instruments and genres, taught weekly and monthly.

Music School

Our students come from across New England to study with renowned faculty in a unique, inspirational setting. This isn’t just a nice looking school, it’s a home for you and your dreams.

Need-based scholarships are available for all of our programs.
Please complete the scholarship application form before enrolling, and then wait for our award confirmation, which will include instructions on how to enroll.

The Groton Hill campus features 2 world-class stages, 35 classrooms, 2 flexible performance spaces, outdoor seating, and 75 acres of protected farmland. The light-filled architecture encourages interactions between students and the artists who perform on our stages, letting us bring incredible talent into the classroom to give students unique experiences that will inspire them for years to come.