Ensemble Learning

For many, the joy of music is the joy of collaboration. At Groton Hill, our ensemble lessons give students like you access to globe-trotting faculty and eager students to help you learn more about playing as part of a transcendent group. 

Youth Orchestra Ensembles

Violin, viola, cello, and bass students at all levels have a home in our youth orchestra programs. Audition for a spot with Chamber Strings, Camerata Strings, or our elite Sinfonia Youth Orchestra, where advanced students will experience the absolute thrill of playing in a full orchestra. Together, students will challenge themselves as players and collaborators, developing leadership, concentration, and teamwork skills alongside the most dedicated talent in our region to create something beautiful. 

Our three levels of ensemble meet every Saturday, and students who participate in both Sinfonia and Groton Hill Wind Ensemble are eligible for special discounts.

Join us for an Open Rehearsal on Saturday, January 28!

Youth Wind Ensembles

Our unique regional wind ensemble program offers woodwind, brass, and percussion players the opportunity to play, learn, and grow together as performers. With three levels of ensemble to audition for, from the prestigious Groton Hill Wind Ensemble to the Groton Hill Meadow Winds and Chamber Winds, students of all abilities will find a fun, welcoming, challenging home for musical exploration at Groton Hill. As students advance through the ensembles, they will explore an increasingly broad repertoire, from beginner classical to advanced jazz and non-Western music. 

Our three levels of ensemble meet every Saturday, and students who participate in both Sinfonia and Groton Hill Wind Ensemble are eligible for special discounts

Join us for an Open Rehearsal on Saturday, January 28!

Youth Chorus

Singing together creates confidence, connection, and joy! Under the direction of our award-winning choral conductor, Kathy McMinn, young singers will learn healthy vocal technique and musicianship skills in an enjoyable class experience grouped by age. Open to ages 4 – 13. New members welcome anytime! No experience necessary.

Flute Orchestra of Groton Hill

Our 20-member Flute Orchestra features all members of the flute family, from piccolo to contrabass flute. Director Eileen Yarrison has led this ensemble of professional and semi-professional flutists in several world premieres, two commissions, and three recording projects. They present concerts throughout the season at Groton Hill and in the community. Open to formally-trained flutists, flute teachers, and accomplished college age players by audition.

To set up an audition: Contact the director

Audition repertoire
: Choose from Mozart G Major Concerto (1st and 2nd movements), the Poulenc Sonata, or the Hindemith Sonata. Similar pieces may also be suitable.

New Horizons Concert Band

Explore your music potential in a relaxed and social environment supported by experienced concert band conductor, Andrea Mejia. Whether you’re just beginning to play, returning to an instrument from your youth, or playing as a hobby, you’ll find a place here. Expand your musical understanding and creativity, and become part of our vibrant community of adult students! Open to beginner and casual woodwind, brass, and percussion players. No audition required. Join anytime!

Groton Hill Big Band

Play tunes from a seminal era in Jazz history and American culture! Under the direction of multi-talented conductor Jerry Sabatini, the Groton Hill Big Band recreates the music from big band leaders like Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and Glenn Miller, and favorites by crooners like Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, as well as the rich body of music written since then. Open to advanced instrumentalists by audition.

To set up an audition: Contact the Class & Ensemble Manager

Advanced instrumentalists with strong reading skills are invited to audition for the ensemble. Instruments include: trumpet, trombone, saxophone, rhythm guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

Current openings:  jazz trumpet, bass

Collegium Musicum

Director Tim Terranella invites you to play the music of the Baroque and Classical masters, including Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti. Open to intermediate to advanced teens 16+ and adults who play strings, woodwinds, and harpsichord.