Groton Hill Ensembles

Play music together.

Find your people and elevate your musicianship when you join one of Groton Hill’s dynamic ensembles. Some are open to all and some by audition, but they’ll all make you feel like you belong.

Young Beginners (ages 4-9)

Teens (ages 10-17)

Adult (ages 18+)

Private Lessons

Learn 35+ instruments from 80+ faculty at your pace, working toward your goals. Our registrars will work with you to find the perfect teacher and help you on your journey.


Our 10-week classes are a great way to start learning. Meet new friends in a low-pressure learning environment with fun, approachable teachers and mentors. 

About the Music School

Our students come from across New England to study with renowned faculty in a unique, inspirational setting. This isn’t just a nice looking school, it’s a home for you and your dreams.