Saturday Ensemble Experience

Youth Orchestras and Youth Wind Ensembles come together every Saturday

Video auditions accepted anytime!

Want to check out our ensembles in-person?

Groton Hill is now offering immersive experiences every Saturday. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse in our state-of-the-art facility and perform on our awe-inspiring stages.  Join us for high-level musical experiences, explorations of diverse musical styles, and interactions with guest artists including the Handel and Haydn Society, A Far Cry, Alasdair Fraser, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, our own Vista Philharmonic Orchestra, and more.
We offer dedicated students like you a vibrant musical community and ensembles for every experience level.

Youth Orchestras

Sinfonia Concert Orchestra
with Ken Culver
Saturdays from 10am to 12pm

Camerata Strings
with Jennifer Perkins
Saturdays from 9:30am to 11am

Chamber Strings
with Jennifer Perkins
Saturdays from 11:30am to 12:30pm

Youth Wind Ensembles

Groton Hill Wind Ensemble
with Dr. Frederick Harris
Saturdays from 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Groton Hill Meadow Winds
with Adam Shekleton
Saturdays from 1pm to 2:30pm

Chamber Winds
with Henry Tervo
Saturdays from 10am to 11am

The Groton Hill Advantage

Rehearsals and performances in a world-class facility.

Collaborations and masterclasses with touring guest artists.

Regular sectional rehearsals for an individualized experience.

Solo and concerto opportunities for senior members.

Free tickets to select performances.

Dual Enrollment

 Advanced winds, brass and percussion students have the opportunity to perform in both the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra and Groton Hill Wind Ensemble at a special discounted rate!


Thanks to our generous donors, Groton Hill is able to provide students with need-based scholarships to help make a quality regional ensemble experience more accessible.

Merit scholarships are available for select instruments including tuba, horn, viola, double bass, and bassoon. Submit your video audition now for consideration. 

Seasonal Scheduling Conflicts?

We know how busy you are, and that seasonal marching band or athletics might affect your ability to participate in one of our ensembles. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Ensemble Manager to learn more about our programs and accommodations. 

Youth Orchestra Ensembles:

Sinfonia Concert Orchestra: Advanced

with Ken Culver

This advanced ensemble includes winds, brass, and percussion in addition to strings for a full orchestra experience. Through some of the finest orchestral literature as well as exciting and familiar contemporary soundtracks from stage and screen, Sinfonia members will take their individual playing and ensemble skills to the next level, and experience the absolute thrill of playing in a full orchestra. Beyond musical skills, students will learn to develop leadership, concentration, cooperation, teamwork, confidence and other attributes that will positively affect all areas of their lives. Membership is by audition.

Director Ken Culver publishes a weekly blog with notes for students.

Students who participate in both Sinfonia Concert Orchestra and Groton Hill Wind Ensemble are eligible for special discounts

Camerata Strings: Intermediate

with Jennifer Perkins

As string players progress in their technical and musical understanding, a string orchestra is the ideal supplement to private study. Our Camerata Strings ensemble is designed for advanced beginner to intermediate level violin, viola, cello, and bass players. Students will learn how to be a valuable ensemble member and further develop their musicianship. Repertoire includes great compositions of past musical eras, contemporary literature of other cultures, and styles beyond classical music. Prospective students should be good music readers and be able to play a variety of rhythms, and in a variety of keys. Membership is by audition.

Chamber Strings: Beginner

with Jennifer Perkins

Learning to play in a group is an essential element in a student’s music education and Chamber Strings is the ideal first step beyond private lessons. The ensemble builds on the student’s technical and musicianship skills and gets them to think beyond their own instrument. Through the director’s expert but gentle guidance, young string players will learn how to listen to others, match their pitch and speed, and fit together the different musical parts that make up an ensemble composition. Prospective members should have good basic reading and rhythm skills, have a good tone, and be confident in playing in first position on all strings. Membership is by audition.

Youth Wind Ensembles:

Groton Hill Wind Ensemble: Advanced

with Dr. Frederick Harris

This new advanced ensemble provides exciting musical experiences for advanced high school woodwind, brass, and percussion players. Members will perform outstanding full wind ensemble music as well as works for mixed woodwinds, and brass and percussion ensemble. Students will have opportunities to interact with section coaches on a weekly basis, as well as with special guest artists, composers, and our professional symphony orchestra.  They will develop their creativity and connections with other students through exploring diverse musical styles including classical, jazz, and non-Western music traditions. For players in grades 9 -12. Membership is by audition.

Students who participate in both Sinfonia and the Groton Hill Wind Ensemble are eligible for special discounts

Groton Hill Meadow Winds: Intermediate

with Adam Shekleton

The Groton Hill Meadow Winds provides outstanding musical experiences for intermediate woodwind, brass, and percussion players. Musicians will perform standard and contemporary full wind ensemble music as well as works for smaller ensembles. This fresh experience for experienced elementary and junior high school students includes interactions with section coaches, composers, special guest artists, and opportunities to develop ensemble and listening skills, as well as strengthening social connections with other ensemble members.  For players in grades 6-9. Membership is by audition.

Chamber Winds: Beginner

 with Henry Tervo

A first ensemble experience for beginning woodwind and brass players, students will play a variety of classical, folk style, and contemporary pieces to develop their ensemble skills — matching rhythm, pitches, and phrasing, and learning how to lead and follow. The ensemble builds on the student’s technical and musicianship skills and gets them to think beyond their own instrument.  Prospective members should have good basic reading and rhythm skills, and be able to produce a good tone. Membership is by audition.

Meet Our Directors

Ken Culver

Director, Sinfonia Concert Orchestra

Ken is an award winning director, conductor, and educator, as well as an active performer and concertmaster in the Rivers Symphony Orchestra. 

“Rehearsals are a place for us to work together. To form a shared idea of the musicality of the repertoire, and then to bring that vision alive and share it in our performances.”

Dr. Frederick Harris, Jr.

Director, Groton Hill Wind Ensemble

Dr. Frederick Harris is the Music Director of the MIT Wind Ensemble and MIT Festival Jazz
Ensemble. He is the author of Conducting with Feeling and Seeking the Infinite.

“Every time we gather to make music we have the opportunity to connect and grow.
We expand our humanity by expressing our feelings through sound, silence, and space.”

Jennifer Perkins

Director, Camerata Strings and Chamber Strings

Jennifer Perkins has been an educator and musician for more than twenty years, directing musicals and teaching chorus, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, and piano. She is a member of the cello section with the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra and the Firebird Pops Orchestra.

“We should never be afraid to make mistakes while learning or trying something new, and never be so hard on yourself that you can’t enjoy what you’re doing.”

Adam Shekleton

Director, Groton Hill Meadow Winds

Mr. Adam Shekleton is the current director of bands at Westford Academy where he teaches multiple performing arts and general music courses, and is the current Musical Director of the Randolph Community Band in Randolph, MA.

“Music is a place for everybody and connects us with each other.”

Henry Tervo

Director, Chamber Winds

Henry Tervo has performed with the Boston Pops, Emmanuel Music, Portland Symphony, Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, Rhode Island Philharmonic, Acton Chamber Orchestra, and the Massachusetts Symphony Orchestra. He is also a woodwind instructor for Acton-Boxborough Community Education.

“I  teach not only the instrument but relevant theory so that students can better understand the structure of the music and be able to phrase more musically.”

Earning your Groton Hill Certification?

Your participation in the Saturday Ensemble Experience counts toward your Ensemble and Theory requirement!

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Saturday Ensemble Experience

Youth Orchestra


Video auditions currently being accepted.  The next in-person auditions will be held LIVE in Groton this December.

Want to audition before December? Send us your video audition instead! Videos are accepted anytime and placement results are determined within 10 days of submission. 

Select instruments also qualify for merit scholarship consideration, including brass, double reeds, violas and double bass. Submit your video audition today. 

Please contact our Class and Ensemble Manager for more information.