Saturday Ensemble Experience

Youth Orchestra, Youth Wind Ensemble, Chamber Music, and More

Join us on Saturdays to feel the power and beauty of Groton Hill in our immersive weekend programming. You’ll rehearse and perform in our world-class concert hall, where professional musicians will help you discover the feeling of transcendence that only high level ensemble players know.

Explore all our Saturday classes and ensembles below!

Saturday Programs Include:

10:00am Sinfonia Concert Orchestra, Camerata Strings, and Chamber Winds

11:30am Small & Mid-sized Chamber Ensembles

1:00pm Youth Wind Ensemble, Piano Seminar , and Chamber Strings

Discounts for Dual Enrollment 

Students who are accepted into both the Sinfonia Concert Orchestra and Youth Wind Ensemble are eligible for special discounted pricing, making it easier than ever to join our exciting, dynamic community and hone your skills with a group. After you audition, you’ll work with the Class & Ensemble Manger to register and pay just $995 for both programs!

Earning your Groton Hill Certificate?

Your participation in the Saturday Ensemble Experience counts toward your Ensemble and Theory requirement!

The Groton Hill Advantage

Rehearsals and performances in a world-class facility.

Collaborations and masterclasses with touring guest artists.

Regular sectional rehearsals for an individualized experience.

Concerto opportunities for graduating seniors.

Free tickets to select performances.

Saturday Classes Include:

Sinfonia Concert Orchestra: Advanced


Our top-level ensemble includes winds, brass, and percussion for a full orchestra experience. Sinfonia members will take their playing to the next level through the finest orchestral literature and contemporary soundtracks from stage and screen. Students will develop leadership, concentration, cooperation, and teamwork skills. New members and players looking to advance a level must audition.

Camerata Strings: Intermediate


Violin, viola, cello, and bass players learn how to be a valuable ensemble member and further develop their musicianship. Our exciting repertoire includes great compositions from the past, contemporary global literature, and styles beyond classical music. Prospective students should be good music readers and be able to play a variety of rhythms, and in a variety of keys. New members and players looking to advance a level must audition.

Chamber Strings: Beginner


Learning to play in a group is essential in a student’s music education. Chamber Strings builds on a student’s technical skills and gets them to think beyond their own instrument. Young string players learn how to listen to others, match their pitch and speed, and fit together to make up an ensemble composition. Prospective members should have good basic reading and rhythm skills, have a good tone, and be confident in playing in first position on all strings. New members must audition.

Youth Wind Ensemble: Intermediate to Advanced


Join the region’s finest young musicians in our thriving regional concert band program! Hone your reading skills, improve your technique and intonation, and explore the rich wind ensemble literature. For players in grades 7 -12. New members and players looking to advance a level must audition.

Chamber Winds: Beginner to Intermediate


A first ensemble experience for beginning woodwind and brass players. Students will play a variety of classical, folk style, and contemporary pieces to develop their ensemble skills — matching rhythm, pitches, and phrasing, and learning how to lead and follow. New members and players looking to advance a level must audition.

Small Ensembles in Brass, Flute, Percussion, Strings, and More


Our Saturday programming includes time for small and medium-sized ensemble practice, including the Honors Chamber Trio, Teen Flute Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Brass Ensemble. We’ll even build custom ensembles in your favorite style. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these additional opportunities, please reach out to our Class and Ensemble Manager.

Piano Seminar


This 10-week seminar is a series of masterclass-style sessions designed to help students refine their playing skills and musical interpretation. Students prepare pieces and receive feedback on performance, practice, and musicianship from instructors and the group. The seminar will also feature discussions on performance skills, competition preparation, and piano repertoire. 

Music Theory

Enjoy your music more and become a better musician! Whether you’re just learning an instrument or have been playing for years, an understanding of music theory basics (notes, intervals, chords, scales, rhythm, melody, and harmony) will make the process faster and easier. Strengthening your note-reading skill allows you to concentrate more on instrument technique and expressiveness. Being able to identify scales, chords, phrases, and forms help in sightreading and memorizing music.

Meet Our Directors

Ken Culver

Sinfonia Director

Ken is an award winning director, conductor, and educator.

“Rehearsals are a place for us to work together. To form a shared idea of the musicality of the repertoire, and then to bring that vision alive and share it in our performances.”


Auditions for 2022-23 for Youth Orchestras and Youth Wind Ensemble will be held as follows:

(1) audition by video May 2-21
(2) in-person and live Zoom auditions in June – dates to be announced
(3) in-person and live Zoom auditions in September – dates to be announced

Your pieces should be chosen in consultation with your teacher from the standard solo literature or method books for your instrument. SCALES: Pick 2 scales which demonstrate the range (number of octaves) and difficulty (number of sharps or flats) you are capable of.