Broadway Masterclass

Build confidence with coaching, solo and ensemble singing, and on-stage character development.

Monday, 7/10 – Friday, 7/14

9am – 4pm

Ages 12 – 16

Deadline passed. Contact us for details.

Workshops, private coaching, and group sessions will engage students of all skill levels by exploring creativity through acting, singing, and movement.  There will be a special focus on communication, teamwork, and self confidence. Our week will culminate with a recorded mock audition and cabaret showcase performance. 

Live Cabaret Performance 7/14 at 3:00pm in Skyview

Faculty Coordinator

Rob Woodin

Voice instructor

Faculty Coordinator

Scott Murphy

Songwriting and composition instructor


Summers at Groton Hill

Meet new people. Push yourself as a musician. Explore the boundaries of sound and self. 

Summers at Groton Hill are all about discovery. We invite guests into the classroom, put students on world-class stages, and break through the heat of summer with cool new ways to learn. 

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