Summer Jams

Explore your passion for music in a collaborative program for young producers and performers!

2 sessions to choose from!

9am – 5pm

Ages 12 – 16

Collaborative young musicians will choose a production or performance focus to learn new skills and hone their craft. 

Performance track students will collaborate on rock, pop, and contemporary hits to learn basic ensemble skills, including arrangement, balance, changes, and cues. Students will be encouraged to take leadership roles, and guide their fellow band members through a song.

Production track students will learn about the technology and techniques behind today’s top tracks, moving beyond the beats to focus on the relationship between instruments, and will produce a final song performed by the Performance Track students. 

Students will collaborate daily, and will work directly with touring artists at the end of the week to better understand what makes a great song, 

Open to guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and voice students. Other instruments by permission. One year of lessons or equivalent experience required.

Live Performance Friday at 6pm

June Guest Artist

Mark Erelli

Mark Erelli is an award-winning American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and touring folk musician. 


Summers at Groton Hill

Meet new people. Push yourself as a musician. Explore the boundaries of sound and self. 

Summers at Groton Hill are all about discovery. We invite guests into the classroom, put students on world-class stages, and break through the heat of summer with cool new ways to learn. 

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