Summer Jams

Explore your passion for modern rock and pop on a world-class stage!

July 29 – August 2

9am – 5pm

Ages 13 – 18

Register by 7/1

Guitar, bass, keyboard, drum, and voice students! Don’t miss out on this fun, collaborative summer program!

Spots still open for guitar, bass, and keyboard.

This exciting program allows you to let your musicianship and creativity shine while you sharpen your skills as a rock musician!

We will cover all the bases as you learn and perform classic and contemporary rock hits, including instrument technique, ensemble skills, arrangement, balance, segues, cues, changes, and more! Students will be encouraged to take leadership roles, and guide their fellow band members through a song.

The focus of the day changes frequently as students work in various settings – ensembles, instrument groups, and one-on-one with the instructors.

The students will present a closing “Battle of the Bands” concert on Friday afternoon which is open to the public.

One year of lessons or equivalent experience required.

Performance Skills Assessment video will be required upon registration. These videos are used specifically for placement purposes. This will give our faculty coordinator insight on how to properly place students and plan music for the program.

Live Performance Friday, 8/2 at 4pm in Meadow Hall

Performance Faculty

Percussionist, composer, and History of Jazz professor at Emerson College.

Special Guest

Acclaimed independent recording and performing artist.


Summer Open House

Join us on Saturday, March 2 from 12-1pm for a brief presentation on our summer programs and the chance to get answers to all your questions directly from knowledgeable staff and faculty. Reserve your Open House seat now!

Summer Scholarships

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