Young Beginner Classes

Listen, play, and learn!

Let us bring music into your children’s lives! Looking for structure, connection, and growth? Join us for these fun and interactive classes for ages 5 – 9 taught by our warm and friendly faculty.

Our popular beginner instrument classes will start kids on the path to learning an instrument and will plant the seeds for a lifetime of musical skill and enjoyment. Not sure what instrument your child should take? Our 5-week Meet the Instruments series offers hands-on experience with an age-appropriate selection of instruments. Or consider our Youth Chorus program, which is developmentally structured to provide a solid foundation of vocal and aural training for budding singers and instrumentalists alike.

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Beginner Drums

Ages 7 – 9

Learn to drum in a relaxed and fun class designed for total beginners. A favorite instrument for many students, drumming gives kids a solid foundation in feeling and creating a beat, keeping a steady tempo, recognizing the different note values, and coordination. No previous music background required. 

Beginner Guitar

Ages 6 – 8

Learn the basics of guitar playing: chords, strumming, fingerpicking, and melodic lines as well as an introduction to note-reading. Students will play and sing along with popular songs from folk and rock styles. No previous music background required. 

Beginner Piano

Ages 5 – 6 | Ages 7 – 8

Learn the basics of playing piano, music reading, and understanding musical concepts through engaging group activities like rhythm and movement games. No previous music background required. A piano or 61-note touch sensitive keyboard is needed for at-home practice. 

Beginner Ukulele

Ages 5 – 7

Ukulele is the perfect precursor to guitar study for young children but also a fun and versatile instrument in its own right. Students will learn instrument basics and simple songs to play with their classmates, culminating in a sharing of their new skills for their families. No previous music background required. 

Beginner Violin

Ages 6 – 8

Learn basic techniques for playing the violin, including how to hold the violin, proper position for the left hand, mastering the bow hold, simple bowing strokes, and note reading. Learn the different parts of the instrument, and how to care for your violin. Students will also learn to play some simple and fun songs right from the start. No previous music background required. Students must supply their own violin.

Meet the Instruments

Ages 5 – 7 | Ages 7 – 10

Let us help you make a decision about which instrument might be best for your child! Our 5-week series features the instruments that are appropriate for young children. They will have hands-on time with each instrument, which often leads to the discovery of their innate talent or preference for a musical instrument. Instruments presented include violin, cello, flute, piano, ukulele, guitar, and drums.

Toot to Flute

Ages 6 – 8

Get an early start on flute playing with the NUVO Toot, a pre-flute designed just for kids. Color-coded notes help students learn to read and play fun songs quickly. No previous music background required. Materials fee $45 includes a Toot and introductory method book.

Family Recorder

Learn how to play a simple and fun instrument as a family! This is a wonderful activity that all ages can enjoy together. Recorder is ideal for first time musicians as technique is simple and it is easy to produce a good sound right from the start. It is also the perfect first instrument to prepare you to tackle more challenging instruments. No previous musical experience required or expected.

Tuition amount is for 1 adult and 1 child. Additional family members may join for half price.

Youth Chorus

Chorus is a great starting point for young singers to develop their love of music and their voices through healthy vocal technique. We offer three levels of Youth Chorus, Harmonia, Lyrica, and Prelude, each with a unique focus and covering a range of age-appropriate material. There is also a strong focus on teamwork and personal development.