Sponsor Spotlight: Cheryl King, MRM Associates Realty

Cheryl King, Principal Broker/Owner MRM Associates Realty Photo by Kirsta Dave

Cheryl King, principal broker and owner of Groton’s MRM Associates Realty, has a unique appreciation for Groton and its many beautiful and historic homes, as well as a knack for matching people to their forever homes in Groton and surrounding communities. 

Born into a family of builders from Chelmsford, Cheryl grew up observing the art of home building and renovation at a young age, learning the concepts that go into both creating and selling a unique and valuable property by watching her mother develop house and land plans and sell them as a realtor. She also worked for many years as an occupational therapist, a job she says contributed to her success as a realtor by helping people navigate the personal transitions involved in finding or selling their forever home. “I use those skills every day,” she says. “To me it’s not about the transaction. I’m a matchmaker. It’s really about matching people to the right home for them at whatever phase of life they are in.”

Original watercolor and oil by Cheryl King

After a few short years at Coldwell Banker in Westford and managing to become the #2 agent there (out of 50), Cheryl decided to go into business for herself, where she could “create a greater sense of collaboration, community, and above all, service,” said Cheryl, who is now owner and operator of MRM Associates Realty, a longstanding real estate brokerage on Boston Road in Groton. As a realtor, she has been able to share her knowledge, experience, and love for the town with the many new families who are seeking to leave the high rents of the city for a home with a yard where they can put down roots, as her family did 30 years ago.

Cheryl is also an avid and talented visual artist whose paintings cover the walls of her Boston Road office. Her natural inclination toward aesthetics, eye for quality builds, and love of the Groton community and lands has given Cheryl an edge in her business, and an appreciation for the architecture and environment of Groton’s latest addition, Groton Hill Music Center. 

“I’m a third generation artist – my grandmother was an artist, and my mom is an artist who sells in galleries. My mom really encouraged me to create inventory and sell, and I did in a few galleries for a while. It’s a lot of work! I am now back to my roots in painting for myself. And I give paintings to my clients as housewarming gifts, which they love. It makes me happy to do that.’”

As an artist and business leader, Cheryl was inspired to support Groton Hill as a concert sponsor, commenting that it “rounds out the picture of what we already have here in Groton. I think Groton Hill’s presence here is really going to elevate all of the arts,” she said. 

“I’ve been watching the building from the beginning – Groton Hill’s architecture blows me away. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! As a visual artist, I feel like I have a strong appreciation for what goes into the art of creating music – the hours and hours musicians put into their craft. To see the building support that, it’s just amazing. I feel so lucky that Groton Hill is here.” 

Cheryl is certain that our Music Center will be successful and added: “I would like to be able to say that I supported that success. I think it’s just a really great resource for the town. I talk about it all the time at my open houses, and people just feel the exuberance of it when I talk about it… I focus on the gem that Groton is – all of the amenities – the schools, the conservation land, the community, and now, Groton Hill Music Center. It just seemed so natural for me to support it.”

Cheryl and MRM Associates Realty are among the generous supporters of the sold out April concert of the Vista Philharmonic Orchestra, presenting a world premiere visual concerto featuring images of Groton and surrounding communities submitted by local residents. 

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