On Stage with The String Queens at Groton Hill

The String Queens — a dynamic Washington D.C.-based trio that takes listeners on a rousing musical journey — joined our Sinfonia and Camerata Strings students in our Concert Hall on September 30th to rehearse, perform, and explore the joys of creative connection through music. Our Youth Orchestra program offers the wonderful opportunity for our students to work with award-winning artists and esteemed directors to develop their musicianship skills together in our transformative teaching spaces. “Having the opportunity to work with The String Queens and then share the stage for part of their performance was an amazing experience for the Groton Hill orchestra students, one that they will all remember for a very long time,” said Lauren Panfili, Groton Hill Class and Ensemble Manager. “We are so grateful to the Queens for their generosity of talent, time and energy.”

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The students and The String Queens performed a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” and Baroque composer Pachelbel’s Canon on our Concert Hall stage, and the audience welcomed them with claps and standing ovations. “Moments like these in a student’s musical journey are so impactful and transformative,” said Pete Robbins, Director of Education and Programs. “The String Queens brought a unique and powerful energy to our Concert Hall, and have left a lasting impact on everyone at Groton Hill who was touched by their music and their spirit.”

The String Queens took to the stage with movement and charisma, inspiring the students to connect with one another and perform with confidence. Amanda Z., parent of a Youth Orchestra student, also commented on the day: “It was an outstanding performance and experience for my son who was lucky enough to attend the workshop. The String Queens are now on my regular Spotify playlist. Thank you Groton Hill for bringing such phenomenal performers to the area. It was a true joy to experience these 3 musicians live.”

To learn more about this exciting experience with The String Queens, check out this video!