Vendor Spotlight: The Durkin Company

The Durkin Company is a family-owned business that has provided janitorial and safety products to the New England area since 2003. A year before Groton Hill Music Center’s opening, the Billerica-based company was already working behind the scenes to keep us supplied in numerous public-facing areas, from entrance mats and trash bags to hand sanitizer, paper towels, and much more. A Groton Hill corporate partner, Durkin has also generously given back to us through product and service donations, which demonstrates their strong commitment to support our community-based mission!

We spoke to Zach Trearchis, Durkin’s Executive Vice President-Sales, Partner –pictured top right, with Joe Durkin, President, Partner (center) and Jack Reynolds, Executive Vice President-Operations, Partner – to get into the details of what it’s like working with Groton Hill to ensure that our operations team has what it needs to keep our building sparkling and running smoothly.

What kinds of products and services do you provide for Groton Hill Music Center?

Our initial role serving Groton Hill involved providing janitorial supplies, such as entrance matting, various waste receptacles, hand soap, paper towels, trash bags, hand sanitizer, liquid and granular ice melt, and various other consumable janitorial supplies. Once those items were finalized and set up though an online ordering system, Durkin helped replace the paper towel dispensers with automatic, touchless dispensers to reduce paper usage as well as improve hygiene and aesthetics in the restrooms. Following that, we supplied a commercial dishwashing system for the Woodland Room kitchen and donated a chemical dilution system with 5 year’s worth of cleaning chemicals for the building. We also donated a walk-behind auto-scrubber to help maintain the floors. (Durkin is a dealer and certified repair shop for commercial cleaning equipment as well.)

How did you get started supplying Groton Hill?

My initial point of contact was your Facilities Manager Mark Mercurio, who first discovered The Durkin Company and introduced us to the Groton Hill project/facility during its final stage of construction as it transitioned to officially opening to the public. Mark gave us the opportunity to bid on the janitorial supplies because Groton Hill wanted to support local businesses.

Mark is one of the nicest, most genuine, and experienced people I have come across in my 20+ years in the business! He is professional, accountable, and you can easily see how deeply he cares for the care of the facility. I have also really enjoyed working with Jackson Hudgins, Production Operations Coordinator, who has been a great resource and always a knowledgeable, friendly face to work alongside! The Groton Hill staff have welcomed us so kindheartedly as a vendor-partner.

What’s it like working with a building of this size and scope? Are there any special challenges?

Yes, there are challenges, but that’s something we embrace and enjoy! The fit and finish of Groton Hill is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Taking measures to ensure we are adhering to manufacturers’ processes when it comes to maintaining a facility with your level of architecture, wooden surfaces, and humidity/moisture control, is very unique. These challenges keep us on our toes and are a constant reminder to perform our due diligence before proceeding with a product or process.

We feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to work in such a remarkable building. I come from a family of builders and finish carpenters, so I have been in awe at the craftsmanship of Groton Hill. It’s a marvel of human design and engineering and never ceases to amaze us – no matter how many times we’ve been there! What this building is doing for the community and the music education and performance industry is something we are so proud to be associated with.

Groton Hill is a non-profit organization, and you have generously offered in-kind donations. Why is it important to support us in this way?

As a fellow local business in the Middlesex County/Merrimack Valley, we understand the importance of local business and the many ways it can impact a community. I have two business partners that own The Durkin Company with me and we are all married to teachers who work in the region, so we have a very personal connection to the impact educators make. Groton Hill offers a unique level of music education for the youth in this community that is very exciting. Not to mention your performing arts venue that is drawing global superstar-artists to Groton! We love everything about Groton Hill’s mission – and we feel honored to play a very small part in that.

The Durkin Company plans to continue to support Groton Hill’s philanthropic efforts through personal service, donations, and helping connect Groton Hill with other community members and businesses that share the same mission. We feel that our network can help support Groton Hill in many ways, whether its fiscal or in-kind donations, specialty services, or just growing the awareness of the venue itself and helping promote ticket sales.

About The Durkin Company: With the resources of a national company and the service that only a small business can provide, the Durkin Company has gained the loyalty of many major corporations, property management companies, schools, municipalities and local businesses. Based in Billerica, the company is owned and operated by Joe Durkin, Jack Reynolds, and Zach Trearchis who share over 65 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Together, their focus is on continuing to build a business that emphasizes quality products and services, customer satisfaction, community support, and ensuring all their employees share in their vision. Learn more 

PHOTO: Durkin team members Jack Reynolds (left) and Zach Trearchis enjoyed a delightful night out at Groton Hill’s Spring ’23 Gala. Joining them is Groton Hill Director of Development, Catherine Coleman.

Want to learn how your business can can partner with Groton Hill? Contact Catherine at (978) 486-9524 x201 or ccoleman@grotonhill.org.